After being hopeless, homeless, careless and helpless for all my life, suddenly came a moment when my nose started to smell a fresh air, my heart started beating up and down so fast, my mind almost blew out of happiness and I heard an opportunity knocking the door. The unbelievable and memorable moment was when President FARMAJO was confirmed as the new president of Somalia for the next four years. I felt like a new baby born who has just landed in to the world and ready to take the first steps of his terrific life.

Immediately after I realized that Somalis’ wishes came true and the peoples’ man was elected as a president, I did not really know whether to cry or laugh but instead I called my father and just assured him that our prayers had been accepted and soon we will reunite in Somalia-the land of prosperity-, my dad hit me with unexpected shot when he, from nowhere, told me that he has never seen a leader so adored by all the Somali people since our independence day.

Therefore, my president, we are happy to finally get a man whom we can trust with our fate and future. It is not coincidence the support you got from all the people but it is some thing that you worked for when you were the prime minister of Somalia. Nevertheless, I am just requesting very few things from you and I am sure it will make our dreams come true and open a new chapter for us.

Urgent Draught Response: Mr President, we had been celebrating for our victory in every corner in the world, but there are our people who have been struggling with famine, hunger and severe drought. I expect your immediate action plans will be to reach those people with any kind of support.

Reconciliation and Dialogue: Mr President, Somalis are lovable people, they are wonderfully understandable people. The only thing they needed is a good leader who can lead them in the right direction. We need you to hold peace talks with all the people of any kind any where in Somalia. You are not only our president but also our peace maker and community elder as you said before. Therefore, there are a lot of things that need to be reviewed and discussed on; this includes the negative effects of the federalism on our people. Somali people are from the same ethnicity with the same culture, language, religion and ethics, thus, their enemy employed a dirty tactic-federalism- that creates divisions and conflicts every time among them. Mr President, we can never accept Clan Federalism or Community Federalism, because we are all from the same community and clan, therefore, we request you to tackle and cure that virus quickly.

Meanwhile, you need to dig hard to invite Alshabab for peace talks, for your information Mr President, the Alshabab fighters are Somali and they have the same equal rights to this land like the rest. This country belongs to them and they have no other place to go and dwell on; therefore, make them feel that Somalia is still their land and the people are still optimistic about their reunion with a strong Somali government that is free from any foreign influence.

Always Somalia FIRST: Mr President, we are tired of international communities, AMISOM, IGAD, Ethiopia and all the other cruel countries who had been tearing us a part for almost three decades. We urge you to keep SOMALIA as your number priority in every conference or discussion you make with any foreign party. Make sure it is going to be either WIN-WIN or WIN-LOSE deal, never get satisfied with any thing other than a WIN for the Somali interest. Mr President, every Somali person knows that AMISOM is in Somalia only for the money, therefore, they had enough money and it is time to WITHDRAW.

We kindly beg you to make them pull out and replace them with our Somali national forces in their positions. We truly have enough fire power that can dictate our stability and protect us from out side enemies. However, we don’t need our enemies to pretend like protecting us while keeping us in the relegation.

NO MORE GABRE AND ETHIOPIA: Mr President, it is not in doubt that the one minute old Somali infant hates Ethiopia. All Somalis have been pushing your predecessors to deport GABRE who works as a gang and key player in our state house. Therefore, I will go beyond that point to request you to push all Ethiopians out of our country. What they did, massacre, molestations, indiscriminate shelling and their brutal bad intentions are all enough, it is time to leave us alone and we stand on our feet and protect our dignity. Every group of ten Somalis, Mr President, either one or two relatives from that group was a victim of Ethiopia from 1977 up to now. Above all, Mr President, we need our BORDERS BACK.

Finally, I want to thank the two previous honourable presidents, H.E. Sharif Sh. Ahmed and H.E. Hassan Sh. Mahmoud for their incredible support and heartfelt backing to our new president. You maintained our long term history of supporting democracy and freedom. You showed the world that no matter what happens to us, we will always be together in getting our sovereignty back. Your endeavours and tremendous actions will be a living case study for ever in which we will always apply in our studies and work places.



Mohamed Yonis


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